The BG Food Cartel is filling up fast! If you’re interested in joining Beavertons First Food Cart Pod coming this fall, contact us today before it fills up.

Please note that we will only be accepting applications for up-to 2 of the same cuisine types however, we’re open to view menus as long as there are different options.

Please be advised that all Asian style cuisines are currently full. Check back for updates as opportunities may arise.

Earlier this year, the City of Beaverton held a contest to its residents to submit proposals for the first food cart pod in Beaverton. After submitting our proposal, we were humbled to discover that we won thus creating “The BG Food Cartel.”

We are a brother and sister team with goals to help enrich and cultivate the small business community throughout the city. We’re excited to soon offer a space for small business owners who want to jump start their dreams of owning their very own food cart- offering them a unique opportunity to provide the Beaverton business district with diverse food selection.

The BG Food Cartel will be located in the heart of the Creekside District across from City Hall. We’ll be offering 33 individual spaces for carts, a Speakeasy bar serving beer and wine, an event venue large enough to entertain 100+ guests, and a large covered seating area for pets and familyies to enjoy a variety of food and beverage options from local vendors.

The BG Food Cartel will be Beavertons first and largest food cart pod and our hopes are to continue the City’s initiative for future developments in this area. Construction is beginning soon and our goal is to open the area to the public by Fall 2017.

We very much look forward to providing a fun, family friendly destination for the residents and our humbled the opportunity given to us to share this new adventure with you all.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the BG Food Cartel, give us a call or send your inquires through our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you. If you wish to submit an application, click the button below.

BG Food Cartel Application


As accustom with food cart pods, we’re excited to offer a variety of diverse food options for the local community. We will house up-to 33 different food trucks each with their own unique menus.

Our goal is to expand the lunch and dinner options for the Beaverton area and allow new and seasoned business owners the opportunity to showcase their food.


Are you looking for a great place to grab a drink with your friends, family or work colleague? At the BG Food Cartel we will be offering local beer and wine through our “Speakeasy,” an indoor/outdoor bar located in the center of the pod.

What better way to enjoy some delicious food than to pair it with a great beer or wine. Of course, we will also offer non-alcoholic drinks for kids or anyone who doesn’t want alcohol.


If you live in Oregon long enough you’ll know that the rainy season can make it difficult to eat outside. For that reason, the BG Food Cartel will offer covered seating all season so that you and your friends can enjoy great food and drinks all year.

We will have enough seating for 90+ customers so whether you’re with your friends, family, or work colleagues, there will be plenty of space for you all to enjoy great food and amazing drinks.


As avid pet owners ourselves, we understand that find a place to eat with your pet can be difficult. For that reason, the BG Food Cartel will be family and pet friendly so you and your four-legged companions can enjoy everything we have to offer.


Whether you’re looking for a great place to get some work done or just need to check some emails while enjoying your lunch break, we’ll be offering free cable and wireless internet for all of our customers.


Looking for a great place to hold a special event? Whether it’s a birthday party or a corporate event, the BG Food Cartel will be offering a large event space for reservations.

The event space has seating for 150+ people and will have options for special equipment as well as multiple bathrooms. Please contact us at least 30 days in advance if you’re interested.

The BG Food Cartel is filling up fast! If you’re interested in joining Beavertons First Food Cart Pod coming this fall,
contact us today before it fills up.

Check for available spaces below on with our vendor reservation map.